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Helping Local Families Overcome a Medical Crisis

We understand that there is nothing more terrifying than having a family member in the hospital struggling to overcome a deadly disease, injury, or disability. We also know that there are thousands of families in northern Georgia suffering through this situation while dealing with immense financial challenges.

Sharon Springs Coverage is launching a long term campaign to provide help and support for families in the Fulton County area who have a child or family member in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Providing Hope and Relief

Sharon Springs Coverage is now an #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassador for the greater Roswell area, and our chief concern is providing assistance to families facing medical crisis. We will be supporting a wide range of local initiatives aimed at providing critical services to families with a hospitalized child or parent, easing the financial burden of medical treatment on low income families, and improving the quality of life for children and adults who are currently hospitalized.

There are many, many families in our area in need of help, and we need your assistance to reach them all.

Be a Part of the Sharon Springs Team!

You don’t need to make a donation to be part of this campaign. In fact, we’d like to make a donation to a local family support program IN YOUR NAME! All we need you to do is invite your friends, neighbors, and loved ones to visit the Sharon Springs Coverage offices. We will provide them more information on this campaign, and we will offer them a complimentary insurance consultation. Afterward, we will issue a donation in your honor to one of the many programs in our area working to support families with a hospitalized child or parent.

Improving Lives, One Family at a Time

Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of families in our area who are struggling through an unimaginably difficult situation. Please be part of our team, and let’s help as many as we can.


Jeremy Usery

Sharon Springs Coverage

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