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The Boutique at No Longer Bound

Craftsmanship with a story. We are not a storefront selling home decor - We are a store with a special story. Each custom creation was constructed with a cause. Every mark and measurement was made with a meaning. Each element in the environment was embedded with emotion. At this very moment, the men of No Longer Bound are fighting for their freedom from addiction. Instead of suffering in solitude, these same individuals have chosen to channel their creativity to benefit the community. We model our mission after this attitude. We use these experiences as inspiration. We pour this passion into each piece of furniture. We consider every square inch of our inventory as a resource for their recovery and an expression of their experiences. We offer this unique opportunity for you, our customers, to connect with the compassion behind the construction. Though you may not have met these men face to face, you can see their spirit inside the design. What may appear at first to be wood and nail, paint and polish, shape and stone, is actually a reflection of flesh and bone - revealing the heart and soul of the man that fashioned the furniture. Though you may not be aware, you are already playing a priceless part in the recovery of man and the reconciliation of an entire family. When you purchase a piece of custom decor, you are reviving hope within a husband, son, or father. When you select that unique item from our gallery, you are directly supporting the mission within our community.

1790 Peachtree Parkway

Cumming, GA 30041

Phone: 678.456.5395